The Pampered Poodle Palace

A Family of Happy, Healthy Standard Poodles




A home of healthy, happy standard poodles!

October 4, 2015

4th Annual Reunion


November 1, 2014


(This picture was from a Re-Union in October 2013)

We have 15 Standard Poodle's in our family!

All of our family members have been fully vaccinated

and wormed and are spoiled rotten!

(The best Poodles are!)

We have a several litters a year and these puppies can be

seen on our Puppies for Adoption Page

Tail croping and dew claw removal are optional.

Puppies are CKC or AKC Registerable. (Depending on parentage)

It is our desire to place our puppies in forever homes!

Good luck on finding your new family member!

Remember, Poodle's are not just "dogs" they really do think they are people!

We are on too!

Birthday Reunion 10-9-11 litter

A great day was had by all! Birthday Reunion for litter 10-9-11. 

Thanks to James for the incredible goodies for the pups! 

What a handsome crew! 10-7-2012

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Our Story: The Pampered Poodle Palace Family

The Pampered Poodle Palace has been breeding poodles since 2004. Along the way I have learned so many things that I gladly pass on to my adoptive families. I have extreme allergies and after the loss of my last child I needed something to bring me comfort. I got a poodle and well, here we are. Poodles are amazing companions, extremely smart, hearty and very loyal. I currently have 15 Standard Poodles that live in my home. I AM NOT A KENNEL. The entire downstairs of my home is devoted to my poodles. I have many rooms just for them as well as 2 fenced acres for them to run and play. Puppies are used to normal household smells, sounds and TV (set to NickJr) I only adopt to families who want a companion and not to breeders. The “doodling” movement where everyone breeds their “favorite” dog to a poodle and call them designer dogs has forced my hand to not provide breeding rights. The breed is spectacular and the mixing of breeds is just not something I want to participate in. Please see my other Facebook page for a HUGE representation of my offspring and family. All puppies will have had regular series of worming medication beginning at 2 weeks and then proceeding at 3, 4, 6, 8 weeks old. We use Strongid and Panacur C and 1 dose of Drontal Plus. *All puppies will arrive at their forever home vaccinated against parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis and other communicable diseases before the time of placement. Our puppies have environments treated with Trifectant aka Virkon-S and Chlorhexidine Solution, are vaccinated at 4 weeks with NeoPar, - just before pick-up Program and Capstar treatment and at 6 weeks of age with a with a 5 way vaccine and all puppies are micro-chipped. Puppies have had at least 3 baths while in my care, had a commercial blow dryer used on them, had nails trimmed with a dremel and has had at least 2 groomings using a dog trimmer (Face, Feet and Sanitary Patch). Puppies come with a CD of valuable information and 2 e-books, one of which is authored by Cesar Milan, Individualized Health Folder with Health Record, Toys, Food, Treats (Edible Nylabone for puppies), Blanket in winter, Slip Lead, Collar, Samples of NuVet Plus Immune System Supplement ( . Puppies are dog door trained and open door crate trained before departure. I feed a 5 Star Food to all my adults and puppies (Pro-Pac Ultimates Puppy). Weekly emails, pictures and weights from birth to departure. ALL puppies are loved into the world and raised with hands on love and nurturing. Many offspring have gone on to therapy and service work. Oh, and, I have a Reunion every year in October at The Alabaster Beneful Dog Park, which is an amazingly good time.
So, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will consider joining The Pampered Poodle Palace Family. Love, Stacy