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Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Excellent breeder of standard poodles

I got my standard poodle pup from pampered poodle palace over a year ago and I have had nothing but good experiences with the breeder. As a new dog owner, I had numerous questions for her and she never hesitated to help me and answer them. My spoo along with so many others that she has helped into this world has been healthy, well taken care of and smart! I highly recommend pampered poodle palace and looking forward to adopting from her again in the future.

Reviewer: Erin

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Wonderful Breeder!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Stacy and Poodle Palace. I bought my Lacy from her and she is THE perfect poodle, beautiful, graceful, and just majestic looking. I had some health problems a couple of months after I picked up my baby and was bedridden. Stacy was generous enough to take Lacy back and take care of her as her own again, at no charge, I might add, until my health allowed me to bring her back. She is an upstanding Christian lady who treated us with kindness and generosity and my daughter who also bought her spoo from her, feel like Stacy is part of our family. She treats the spoos like her children, is very thorough with her records, keeps you informed from before the birth and then afterwards with videos on the progress of your new baby. By the time you hold it in your arms, you feel you already know it. I just can't recommend Stacy and Poodle Palace highly enough. Buy your poodle from her for quality and the best service I have ever seen. Judy Cooper

Reviewer: Judy

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Best Puppy Ever :)

My husband and I got sweet Matlock in October of 2012, and he is the best dog I could have ever asked for. He is brilliant and sweet, and as a life-long sufferer of allergies, I have none with him. He was completely house trained within two months, and Stacy was helpful and always willing to answer questions. I will only buy poodles from Stacy, and I recommend her to anyone who wants a standard poodle!

Reviewer: Kristie, 

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Responsible and caring seller

I was looking for a standard poodle breeder and was referred to Pampered Poodle Palace by some acquaintances on Facebook. I did extensive research on Stacy and only found good things. I got in touch with her and talked to her extensively. She answered all my questions. I ended up getting a puppy from her and she is a wonderful, healthy dog. We're so happy!My dog is now over a year old and is just the most wonderful addition to our family that I could imagine. I have referred several people to her including one of my oldest friends. Thank you Stacy.

Reviewer: Lisa,

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Wonderful breeder!

I am over the moon for my spoo from the poodle palace! He is the most loving dog I have ever met. Stacy exceeded my expectations in regards to the way she loved and cared for these puppies. She also gave us weekly photos and updates on how are babies were doing. It was so sweet getting to watch my fur baby grow even though I wasn't physically there. All of the puppies were very well groomed and in great health. They were raised by her in her home, and it's very evident that they always had human contact. I would recommend EVERYONE to get their spoo from stacy! :)

Reviewer: Alli

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Wonderful experience

I adopted a Standard Poodle from Stacy Roland. The whole experience was wonderful, we got to meet his parents and see the loving environment where he spent his first 8 weeks. She even let us bring our other fur baby to make sure the dogs got off on the right paw ;) Our poodle has been very healthy- even my local vet from Birmingham, AL is impressed. Our poodle is smart, healthy, beautiful and a true member of the family. We have also made friends with lots of other happy families that have adopted from Stacy. She is concerned with making sure the poodle and the family both do well after you leave the Poodle Palace. Just a wonderful experience!!!!

Reviewer: Shawn
Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Loving breeder, precious pups

This breeder was a joy to work with, My little guy is healthy, happy, and balanced. I could not have asked for a better experience and i plan to adopt a female from her in the near future. She went over and above to care for our pup and would recommend her to anyone looking to add a treasure to their lives!

Reviewer: Angie
Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Wonderful Experience

I adopted my sweet angel Raphy from poodle palace a few years back. My life has been a blessing ever since. He was in wonderful health and still is. My vet was actually impressed with how healthy he was the first time I took him there. I would recommend poodle palace to anyone seeking a wonderful breeder of standards!

Reviewer: Amanda

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Love my spoo from Poodle Palace

Got my Maggie, a chocolate standard poodle female pup from the poodle palace in April and my family could not be happier. This baby is healthy, beautiful and has THE BEST personality of any dog I have EVER had. She turns heads wherever we go. Stacy, her first mom, has always been helpful, patient and kind whenever I had a question. My vet has been very impressed and complementary of Maggie's health and size and personality. We love her so much and would absolutely recommend and buy another spoo from Poodle Palace.

Reviewer: Amanda, 

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Vladimir Drakul

If you want a highly intelligent, loving and well bred standard poodle, then definitely adopt from Pampered Poodle Palace! I adopted my Vlad in February 2013 and am looking forward to another adoption in the future. Stacy impressed me from the very beginning, posting weekly pics and videos of the babies and about when they received injections and worming meds, etc. She also included a detailed booklet of all of this info for Vlad to carry along to his first vet checkup when I picked him up! Vlad is stunning and turns heads everywhere he goes! Stacy's love of her spoos is what impressed me the most. She spoils the expectant moms and even provides updates on them while we are awaiting the arrival. Poodle Palace has blessed me with the love of my life---my Vlad. I am forever grateful to her and would recommend no other breeder.

Reviewer: lisa,

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Quality, sweet tempered dogsDescription:

I bought a poodle from the Pampered Poodle Palace and he is a wonderful, healthy boy! He is so intelligent, well-mannered and even tempered. I highly recommend this breeder and will buy another one from her some day!

Reviewer: Vicki

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 wendy

I have two standards from Poodle Palace (male and female) from two different litters.. I could not be more pleased!! They are super smart and have the BEST attitude!! They love everyone!! Both are extremely healthy and have NO problems!! Love love love my babies from Stacy!!

Reviewer: wendy

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Loving breeder! Loving puppies!

I've raised many breeds of dogs throughout my lifetime, including show stock. My female Standard Poodle from Stacy Roland, has FAR exceeded my expectations. She is the most calm, gentle, smart, loving, and most importantly, well adjusted puppy I've had the pleasure of raising. Stacy kept me up to date with constant pictures, videos, and messages even before my precious Gretchen was born. I have met countless families who adore their babies they've adopted from Stacy, and she has kept contact with all of us through social media and she even hosts a poodle reunion twice a year, with food and fun poodle play. No other breeder I've ever known does this. When you adopt a puppy from The Poodle Palace, you get more than a puppy, you get a new family. I give Stacy Roland and The Poodle Palace two thumbs up, WAY UP!!

Reviewer: Karen

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Most loving puppies and breeder you will find.

I hunted for months for a standard poodle puppy, to have as a family pet. Most breeders emphasize show qualities. Poodle Palace emphasizes sociability, and treats all her Spoos as family members. After corresponding with Stacy, I drove from another state to get one of her puppies. I have gotten 2 spoos from Stacy, from 2 different litters. They are great loves of my life, and have added immeasurable joy to our family. It is apparent immediately with Stacy's puppies that they have been treated with love. Mine are both snuggly, smart, social boys who love life, people, and other dogs. They are the star attraction wherever we go! You will not find a better breeder.

Reviewer: Lori 



More Reviews from Adoptive Families

More Reviews from Adoptive Families

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Fantastic Companion!

I have a 4 month old apricot puppy from a December 2014 Pampered Poodle Palace litter. He is the star of his obedience class. We are planning on continuing to his CGC, CD, and even further. We may even go into Rally and Agility. His instructor says the sky is the limit! He is a loving and mellow guy at home and I take him everywhere I go. His puppy album was so complete and all the care he received before he came to me was so detailed and amazing. The vets were very impressed. The weekly updates were fantastic and It is obvious she loves and cares for her babies and mommas (and daddies!)

Reviewer: Holly, April 13, 2015  

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Saved my life

I adopted two of her poodles during a time when I was facing a terrible health issue. These puppies were the best medicine for me and my family. This breeder has provided me a great support system for my babies and they are now happy seven year olds and very healthy. I have never had any issues with my poodles, in fact every vet visit I am told how wonderful they are and what an amazing breeder poodle palace is. I highly recommend her. Her puppies are her family and she loves them that way and will share that with you.

Reviewer: Jennifer, April 13, 2015  

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 THE best poodles ever!!!

I purchased my standard poodle from Pampered Poodle Palace after much searching and following her Facebook page for several months to "check her out". I could not be happier with my beautiful, smart, happy puppy. The puppies that come from this breeder are truly loved and pampered from the very first moment they are born. No, that's not true. They are loved and pampered BEFORE the are ever born. My Pampered Poodle has brought so much love and joy to my life and I WILL have another one to go along with the one I have one day. I cannot say enough good about her and the great puppies she produces. You WILL NOT be sorry for purchasing your fur baby from her.

Reviewer: Jane, April 13, 2015 ] 

Description: 5.0      Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Poodle Palace Review

I own a 9 month poodle from poodle palace and she is the best dog I have ever owned. She was in perfect health when we picked her and has been since we have gotten her. The breeder Stacy has been such a blessing. Any question I have she always answers right away. Her care for her puppies even after they have left her has amazed me. If you want a poodle puppy I would recommend poodle palace

Reviewer: Lindsey, April 13, 2015   ] 

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Love My Maxwell

We love Stacey from Poodle Palace And all of her puppies are so loyal and very sweet. You are sure to be loved if you get a standard because Stacey sends them home with lots of love

Reviewer: Macy, April 13, 2015   ]

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Excellent Experience.

I purchased a puppy from Pampered Poodle Palace in 2013. I had never bought from a breeder before, but the experience I had with Stacy was so wonderful! There is a community of owners on facebook and we all keep in touch. It has made the whole experience even better. Stacy is easy to keep in contact with and very loving. You also get weekly updates and photos of your pups while waiting to get them! I have been so happy with my Standard Poodle that I am getting a second. It is just as much fun getting the weekly updates the second time around! #1 place to get a beautiful standard poodle!

Reviewer: Rebekah, April 13, 2015     ] 

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Pampered Poodle Palace

I can't say enough good things about Stacy Roland, owner of Pampered Poodle Palace. She is honest and caring and makes the process a breeze. She posts pictures of the puppies every week on her Facebook page so that you can follow your puppy's growth while you count down the days until you get to bring that precious dog home. We brought our poodle, Charlie, home in January of 2015 and we have already adopted a sister, Ava, to keep him company. We will be bringing Ava home in four weeks and can't wait to meet her, although we already feel like we know her from all of her pictures on Facebook. Adopt with confidence from Pampered Poodle Palace!! --Misty Sharman

Reviewer: Misty, April 13, 2015   ] 

Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0Description: 5.0 Most Wonderful Contribution to Our Family

We have an almost 5 month old red male standard poodle from Stacy. When I tell you that Navy is a super star wherever he goes, I mean it! He was selected as pet of the month at his vet & every person he meets has to stop and praise him. Not only is he gorgeous, but he is super lovable and obedient. When you adopt from Stacy you are getting a member of your family and not just a dog. Stacy continues to give love and support, no matter what age your baby is. We are so thrilled with Navy, that we are adopting a chocolate little girl from Stacy as well! I can't begin to tell you how many satisfied owners Stacy has following her. She is not only a wonderful breeder but a wonderful, amazing woman too. Don't miss out on a chance to adopt a baby Spoo from Stacy. You will not regret it!

Reviewer: Serena, April 13, 2015 


Here are some testimonials from our standard poodle

puppy adoptive families about their bundles of joy...


June 20, 2011

Good Afternoon Stacy!


We made it back to Hopkinsville just fine, getting in around 8:30 p.m. CST. Daisy Mae slept the whole way except for us stopping to let the puppies out about every two hours. Daisy Mae loved the stops and bounced around like a little deer. I put a collar and leash on her so she would not run away during the stops. She picked up on the leash in no time, other than going through big doors then she stops and sits down. I keep a leash on her most of the time in the house, so she is following me everywhere. I will do this until I can trust her while potting training.

My little Mo is watching out for her. So far has never growled or acted dominate toward her. When I left for church yesterday, she was left in the pet taxi, and I told him to stay in his bed and baby sit her. I have a baby gate up to their room, which is the utility room (washer & dryer and pantry room). He looked as if I knew what I was saying.

Well, SHE DOES NOT LIKE THE PET TAXI!!!!! She is quiet most of the time until she goes into the taxi. She makes every sound imaginable.! It worried Moe Saturday night and he got up out of the bed and barked to her in a real low voice. I wished I could have known what he was saying to her. It was so bad that last night she slept with me and Mo. She slept all night, except for waking me up when I was snoring because she was licking me in the face, but the rest of the time she was sound asleep. We are going to have to work on the pet taxi so I can house train her.

She is a doll baby and is learning fast. It's amazing! When I tell her to go play with Mo she runs to him now. Just Amazing!

I'm at work, so I better go. But wanted to let you know how Daisy Mae is doing. Did you notice I kept her name because she automatically answers to it. I just added the Mae.

Thanks, Stacy

Have a good week!





I have waaaay too much fun with Eiffel! But he tolerates it well Lol!

He has been wonderful! To the people of the next litters, you have a BIG blessing coming your way!



Just wanted to let you know how Amazing Charley is..these next couple of days, as you know, are going to be very hard on our family and I guess he feels my mood.

He came over to my chair this morning and stood up and put his front legs on my shoulders and laid his head on my neck.

I know that was a hug! He's such a wonderful companion! ♥

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know this amazing breed!


Joan Sledge: Well, I have the two poodles on order. Where can I order a cute little toddler boy like that?!!! Just kidding, of course, but what fun the three of them will have.

Poodle Palace: Joan, Brian, the cute little toddler was there yesterday when I transferred Lucy to her new home and let me tell you, that child has a heart of pure gold. He is angelic to look at and in essence. I love children so much and this one is a special young man.

Wendy: That is my adorable grandson, Brian, he and Charley have been best buds since I brought Charley home! He and Lucy hit it off straight away too! I have so much fun watching all that love run and play together! 

Wendy: Aww..thank you Stacy...and if you couldn't tell, he loved you too! 

Poodle Palace He exudes unconditional love. he really is a special child.

Wendy: Super proud Mimi! 

Joan: We do have three sweet grands (the youngest is 3 1/2) who are all so excited we are getting the puppies. They loved our poodle Hugo and his little Shih Tzu buddy and miss them so much. I love seeing the photos of the children and the poodle babies that are posted on the site.

Poodle Palace They are SO great with children too!

Wendy: Spoos are truly wonderful with children!

Joan: I wish I had known that when my girls were younger. We had Springer Spaniels that were beauties, but not as smart or personable as our Hugo was. He was the best baby watcher ever!


Wendy: I think it's awesome you are getting two Joan! They are my dream come true! You will love watching them grow through the pics that Stacy does for you and by the time you meet them you will feel like you know them! She also does videos so you can see their personalities! It's a wonderful experience! 


: "Stacy my husband and I just cannot get over what an amazingly well balanced dog Gretchen is. 

I'm not kidding. Over the years we've trained, fostered and worked with German Shepherds, 

toy breeds and even a sweet handicap pit bull. When I tell you we've seen it all, 

we really have. We've encountered fear aggression, hyper activity, excessive barking, mouthing, you name it. 

Gretchen is SO well balanced, confident, curious, and loving. Y

ou've done an awesome job of acclimating her to all types of social situations. You've made my job easier. 

Thank you!"

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